We are a Stage Performance Coaching Company. We build artists for global stages by building their professional stage performance skills, helping them become the most outstanding, professional and highly creative stage performers they’ve always wanted to be. We connect Artists to performing platforms across the nation while financing and endorsing them.

Good stage performance skills, performing platforms and finance are the most relevant aspects of an artist’s creative endeavors, unfortunately, 90 percent of artists are faced with numerous stage performance challenges ranging from stage fright to poor professional stage performance skills, low access to preforming platforms and total lack of fund or finance  to build, sustain and profit their career.

With Quip Quo stage performance coaching methods, handled by well experienced Theatre Practitioners and Quip Quo Certified Coaches,  artists enjoy the freedom and the audacity of a professional, skillful and confident stage performances for every audience. All our certified students get connected to performing platforms across the nation and a proven financial or cash flow model for a more fun and financially rewarding artistic career.

Benny Ats - Founder & CEO/ Lead Coach

Atsua Benedict Ben, known for his brand name as “Benny Ats” is a Certified Theatre Practitioner (a graduate of Theatre And Performing Arts) at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He is a Recording Artist, Stage Coach and an avid communicator, a lover of children….and Thor.

In 2012, Benny received one of the most devastating remarks when a friend looked him in the face and told him “Benny, no one will buy your songs or come to your shows, only your mum and Dad will”. From that depressing experience came a solution he now offers to stage performers, public speakers and professional career people.

With over 6 years of experience in the world of Theatre and nationwide stages, Benny has had a fair bite of his creative life performing on Carnival Calabar and other stages across the nation. A one time winner of The Most Outstanding Artist put together by Campus Shakers Awards.

After a careful research and study of some of the most outstanding and highly effective performers, presenters and speakers, Benny decided to build Quip Quo, Nigeria’s No.1 stage performance coaching company building artists for global stages and Wow Your Audience, a presentation skills, confidence building and communication training platform for speakers, presenters and professional career people.

Benny has an acute passion for people and persuasive communication. He believes that more than half the world’s problem can be solved with careful communication. 

What Our Clients Have to Say

Braver Kid Club was probably built for my son.He had this thing, he used to withdraw back and cower even when with other kids. That timidity is now replaced with boldness and confidence. Thanks to Quip Quo.
Daniel Aleva, Parent
From Abuja, Nigeria.
I decided to take one of Quip Quo’s courses. Turns out this was what i needed to build my self-confidence even as an entrepreneur. I have used those lessons to navigate my way in satisfying clients. I feel very much in control now
Daisy Duke, entreprenuer
From Calabar
I used to be too concerned about what my audience expected from me, usually in a negative way. Many times that expectation made me so nervous that i ended up making a mess of my presentation. Learning the psychology of audience has helped me master the art of walking my crowd with confidence.
Promiz, Beat Boxer
From Calabar
Good stage performance skills are the hallmark of an artist’s creative career and quip quo comes highly recommended.
Prof. Emmy Idegu
Dept Theatre and Media Studies, University of Calabar