How To Build Instant Positive Connections To Influence Others And Determine How They See, Perceive And Embrace You.

N1,000 ($4)

Our world is saturated with images and visual seductions, with photos, feature movies and films. They’re immensely powerful and we all watch them.

Yet, we still legislate with sentences and paragraphs, we debate with language, we worship with words,  we teach by talking and we do performances; interviews, sales pitches, presentations, family meetings, and neighborhood associations using our bodies; voices and words in persuasion. We do these amd hope to win people over and convince them to buy our products, adopt our opinions, join our causes, invest in our stories and go to war or fall in love with us.

Amidst all these, here is what I’ve also come to find out, that people want to feel powerful, happy and in control. They want to do this while staying confident and maintaining good family, social and professional relationships as they seek to engage, connect and inspire their world. This is basic and that’s exactly what I help you achieve.

Know this however, that this book is not the absolute book that gives you everything you need to know about public speaking or winning with people and selling your way through life. It offers you an introduction to a knowledge that is equal parts mystery and technique. It shows you how to master the very thing it promises-the subtle art of first impression: how to build instant positive connections to influence others and determine how they see, perceive and embrace you.

This book is a perfect head start if you desire to engage, connect and inspire the world around you.

  1. It will tell you a little bit of my personal story and how I got here
  2. It will show you the psychology behind first impressions, how people judge you and how you make your own judgment of them
  3. It’ll show why it is important for you to make the right first impression
  4. It’ll also show you how to do that by providing you with the tools required to make a powerful, credible and paying first impression
  5. The book will show you how to professionally answer the “what do you do” question in such a way that gets you paying clients and begging audience
  6. The book will also show you storytelling marketing on stage and in business with a DIY template to help you design your client generating and audience captivating story.
  7. It’ll show you how the greatest ability to present with confidence comes from the understanding of purpose on stage.
  8. Finally and most importantly, this book will show you that to truly influence people and build lasting, profitable and powerful relationships, you must learn how to genuinely be interested in others and be willing to extend yourself in service to them. Do this and watch your influence go beyond the roof.

It is my greatest prayer that as you go through it, you’ll be able to find just the point that answers your persuasive communication needs because I’m persuaded that you will. I hope that you find it valuable. I hope it adds to the skills, awareness, and enjoyment that you bring to whatever activities and careers you are pursuing.

Good Luck Wow Star!

-Benny Ats