Speak/Sing with power, clarity and command. A professional voice, speech and vocal training for artists and speakers on breath, resonation, articulation and phonation.

We know why we speak—to meet our needs. But if we want to increase our effectiveness as speakers, we need to understand how we speak. We need to understand all the possibilities available to us. Therefore, this lecture will take you on a guided tour of the vocal mechanism, starting with an overview of how both voice and speech work. There are four stops along the tour: breath, phonation, resonation, and articulation.

  • The Glorious Human Voice 
  • Accessing the Breath
  • Your Vocal Energy
  • Vocal Dynamics—Your Best Voice
  • Clear, Energized Speech
  • The Muscles of Speech
  • Vocal Color—Pacing and Phrasing
  • Accents and Dialects
  • Phonetics 
  • Diction coaching
  •  Enunciation
  • Voice Coaching
  • Vocal Training and Drills

Recommended for Artists of All Genres

Recommended for Speakers And Presenters

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