How To Make Everyone Listen

Hi! My name is Benny Ats and I am your friend.

Here I help people with a message become the most outstanding and highly effective communicators, speakers, performers and presenters they have always wanted to be so they can enjoy the freedom and the audacity of a professional and confident presentation for every audience.


  • Have a message you want to share to the whole world.

  • If you are seeking to engage, connect and inspire the people around you.

  • If you are a parent desiring to find the right communication cultures to inspire your children and influence their choices without coming across as impulsive and overbearing.

  • This training should serve as a head start training for your children, equipping them for impact, influence and success.

  • It is the most effective training that captures professional stage performance, public speaking, presentation skills, confidence building and persuasive communication for artists, speakers, presenters and entrepreneurs.

Come With Me

Our world is saturated with images and visual seductions, with photos, feature movies and films. They’re immensely powerful and we all watch them.

Yet, we still legislate with sentences and paragraphs, we debate with language, we worship with words, we teach by talking, and we do performances, interviews, sales pitches, presentations, family meetings, and neighborhood associations using our bodies, voices and words in persuasion, in hope to win people over and convince them to buy our products, adopt our opinions, join our cause, invest in our stories and go to war or fall in love with us.

Amidst all these, here is what I’ve also come to find out, that people want to feel powerful, happy and in control of their finances. They want to do this while staying confident and maintaining good family, social and professional relationships while sharing their stories to the rest of the world whether they are artists, speakers, presenters or entrepreneurs. This is basic and that’s exactly what I help you achieve.

I believe that everyone with a message deserve the right to enjoy the freedom and the audacity of a professional and confident presentation for every audience.

This empowers you to help others feel better about themselves as you seek to solve their problems by presenting yourself with the creative confidence, clarity and focus that creates trust and gets the job done.

My Wow Your Audience Training transforms your body into a communication instrument that supports and deepens the impact of your performance, presentation, pitch or sales.

The Best Part

The best part is, this ability allows you to grow your wealth, your power and your happiness just by sharing your story in the most powerful, professional and compelling way that grows your impact and your persuasion power-that very ability to determine how people see, perceive and embrace you whether on stage, in an interview, with a client or with a loved one.

What You'll Learn:

Designed to help you enjoy the freedom and the audacity of a professional and confident presentation for every audience, this training is divided into four modules which include:

  • Preeminent Impact Technique Tool (PiTT)

The greatest technique to influencing others is still the age long secret that by sheer irony, everyone knows but no one applies it in a way that solves their professional stage communication problems or challenges-love.

Have you noticed how the most effective speakers, performers or salespeople don’t really seem as though they are performing, speaking or selling?

They are natural, likable, clear, and consultative. They find out about your needs by asking intelligent questions and offering solutions that feel good and meet their customers or audience’s needs.

In this module I show you some immediate “do now” techniques that bring this concept alive on stage even if you are meeting the person for the first time.

With this practical module, you quickly learn the physical and vocal skills and techniques that add impact, power, and presence to your performance, pitch or presentation.

  • The Subtle Art of First Impression: How to build instant positive connections to influence others and determine how they see, perceive and embrace you.

Making the right fist impression is so vital. It sets the tone and tempo and determines whether your audience is going to invest their time, energy and emotions into listening to you at all.

According to Neuro Architecture based on Evolutionary Psychology, there is a part of your brain, it sits right on top of your spine and goes up inside of your head. Some people call it the Brain Stem or the Reptilian Brain. Some call it the R Complex or the Primitive Brain. It makes snap judgment about everybody around it and everybody around you uses that part of their brain to make snap judgments about you. And based on behavior, it puts you into any of the following four categories: friend, enemy/predator, potential sexual and indifferent category.

What ever you do, aim for number 1 or at least 3 but behavioral psychology says “not gonna happen” unless you learn how to get there consciously. I’ll show you how to get there. Get in there and you can influence anybody on earth.

  • How to make everyone listen.

As simple as it sounds, unrehearsed elements of this topic are the authors of many people’s misfortunes.

It’s a common fear-you’re talking but their not buying. You’re doing the best you know but they are playing candy crush or maybe they really want to listen to you but you’re terrified and unsure if you can pique, inspire, engage and maintain their interest as much as you desire.

This module will show you how to create a holy hush or a pin dropping silence that makes your audience glue to your message with joyful anticipation. They will listen to you!

  • The Actors Advantage:

When it comes to public presentations of any kind, actors have an unfair advantage. They are trained to use their voice and body to create connections, evoke emotions and communicate their message.

Now you too can have that advantage to connect and engage your audience from start to finish.

As an artist, Public Speaker, Presenter or Entrepreneurs, Wow Your Audience training offers you an introduction to a joy of performing an art that is equal parts mystery and technique. It shows you how to master the very thing it promises-Wow Your Audience: how to make everyone listen no matter where or before whom you stand.

Investment Sum:

This 3 days training is valued at N20,000 but is made available to you at a 50% discount. Take the training now and save a whooping N10,000.



Certified Theatre Practitioner/Recording Artist/Wow Your Audience Coach

Hi, my name is Benny Ats and I am your friend.

Apart from being a Certified Theatre Practitioner, Recording Artiste and an Artist Coach, I am that Wow Your Audience guy but because this is so long to say, I simply tell people “I am an artist and the Wow Your Audience Coach”. That saves me few seconds which I then invest into putting a smile on their faces.

For the past 3 years, I have worked with artists, speakers, presenters and entrepreneurs, helping them make the most of every audience by presenting themselves with the most creative confidence, clarity and the compelling audacity that creates trust, drives engagement and yields results.

The decision to do this came 8 years ago when a friend looked me in the face and told me “Benny, no one will buy your songs or come to your shows, only your Mum and Dad will”. I was depressed for months. So uncool!

I believe that every artist, speaker, presenter or entrepreneur deserves to enjoy the freedom and the audacity of a professional and confident performance or presentation for every audience which led me to start an artist service company known as QuipQuo where we grant artists access to skills, platforms and finance.

I should stop here but since you’re not going to be coming back looking for that Benny Ats’ profile to read again, let me just brag on…

As an artist and Coach, I have had a fair bite of my creative career working with tons of people in my industries. In my early days, after coming out of creative depression caused by the statement my friend made to me, I decided I was going to be the best I could be. It happened. Long story short, I learned a lot.

Among several awards I received after then, I also received the award for the Most Outstanding Artist by Campus Shakers Awards and have made a 2 time appearance on Carnival Calabar as an Artist and Presenter just to tell him thank you.

Passionate about people and persuasive communication, I believe that more than half the worlds’ problem can be solved with careful communication.