Choose from any of our packages below and become the most outstanding speaker you've always wanted to be

Open Public Presentation Skills, Public Speaking and Confidence Building Course

2 Week Training: Value N15,000

Open public courses for presentation and public speaking skills are held regularly throughout the year at Wow Your Audience/Quip Quo Training Studios in Nigeria.

You can attend either “Presentation Training and Public Speaking” or “Advanced Public Speaking and Presentation Skills”.

Click one of the course links below to see a full programme and dates for courses coming up at your local venue.

Note: there are no courses in your area now due to Covid-19 lockdown orders

Presentation Training in Private Group Courses.

Certificate Course=Value: N25,000

Customised group courses enable teams of people from the same organisation or a combined number of audacious speakers desiring change to join presentation training  together for public speaking skills.

Private group courses share the same rigorous theory base and inspiring methodology as all Wow Your Audience public speaking programmes. Training is based around four dimensions:

  • Voice and body
  • Content and structure
  • Audience engagement
  • Quality of execution

Sessions comprise voice drills, and body language exercises, best practice briefings, discussions and role-plays. In the centrepiece, participants practice delivering work-related presentations which are videotaped and replayed for trainer-led coaching and practical, constructive feedback.


Tailor-made courses are a good solution because they let focus the session tightly around your particular needs-that is, as a team in the same organization. Private courses let you practice sensitive or confidential material, and also work well as a team-building exercise.

We will work with you in advance to determine exactly what your people need from the session, then draw up a customised programme to meet the required learning goals. We will build workshops that are directly relevant to your organisation, your people and the types of presentation that are most relevant for them in terms of content, audience and style.

Training can be delivered either at your offices, or at another location if more convenient.

This course can be taking by individual persons {combined certificate course] as well.

One-on-one Public Presentation Skills, Public Speaking and Confidence Building Course

Costumized Training/Certification: Value = 35,000

Presentation coaching is important for high-profile individuals because they face particularly demanding expectations when it comes to public speaking. And  by high profile, that means you as well.

Senior speakers are expected to be highly articulate, passionate and effective presenters. They must also perform in highly public environments, with special challenges including the need to handle hostile and difficult questions after speeches. Which is why this training is designed to look into your demands and work out a presentation training that works for your peculiar audience.

Grow with convenience. Get your online Wow Your Audience Trainings now.

Wow Your Audience training is available online and via your mobile wherever you are in the world. You can connect to a public course, take interactive e-learning at your own pace, connect live for one-on-one coaching, or let us build and host private online training for your team.

Public live online courses

2 Week Training: Value N15,000

Join us to experience Wow Your Audience training exactly as you would in the classroom.

Self-paced e-learning

Study at your convenience wherever you are using the brand-new Wow Your Audience e-learning platform.

  • Easy connection via browser or platforms
  • All your e-learning in one easy-to-use portal
  • We also create in-house e-learning platform

In-house live online courses

Certificate Course=Value: N25,000

Bring your team together for Wow Your Audience training online wherever they are in the world. Remember, you can decide to take this course as an individual as well and get certified.

  • You choose the topic and time, we provide the trainer, content and technology-well, we have the topics and our students love our topics. If you need something customised or designed – get in touch!
  • Access the global Wow Your Audience trainer pool wherever you are.

One-on-one online coaching

Certificate Course=Value: N35,000

Let us pair you with a special webinar to fast-track your skills. Live video/audio conferencing to give you a class room experience, you won’t be missing a thing. Your privacy and convenience is our priority.